National Change a Pets Life Day

January 24th is Change A Pet’s Life Day, a day meant to encourage people to adopt pets from shelters and raise awareness about animals in need.

There are a lot of ways to celebrate and change an animal’s life for the better. Even though we encourage adoption on this day you don’t have to adopt a pet to make a positive impact. Here are just a few ideas.

ADOPT ~ Adopting a shelter pet saves a life, providing a home to an otherwise homeless pet. What better way to change a pets life?

FOSTER ~ Fostering a shelter pet gives them the time or socialization they need to find a forever home. Fosters are imperative in animal rescue, and can change the life of multiple shelter pets.

VOLUNTEER ~ Volunteering at a shelter or rescue is a great way to make a big difference in the lives of many homeless pets.

DONATE ~ If you aren’t in a position to foster or volunteer making a donation to a rescue group goes directly to the animals and the care they need.

SHARE ~ Do you share our facebook posts? It is crucial that the animals are seen by as large an audience as possible. Facebook has reunited many thousands of lost dogs with owners, and directly responsible for innumerous adoption matches.

CHANGE ~ Maybe you’ve already adopted a pup of your own, and that’s a great first step in changing a dog’s life for the better. But there are always more changes you can make to improve your bond with your dog. Homemade treats, more exercise, or spend more time with them are just a few ideas.

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