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Each year approximately 6 million dogs and cats enter shelters nationwide. Roughly half of those will be euthanized, not due to poor health or aggression issues but simply due to lack of resources. At the Maryville Alcoa Animal Rescue Center we are committed to saving these innocent lives, all of them – not just 50% of them. We believe every animal deserves a chance at life. Our dedicated team of volunteers works around the clock caring for every animal that enters our system with not only housing, feeding, cleaning, and vetting; but with training, love, and socialization. Anything and everything needed to get these forgotten and abandoned animals ready for their forever home. Due to efforts like these our community has proudly maintained a 95% or better save rate for over 5 years.

Senior Team

Jennifer Eanes
President and Petsmart Coordinator

Lisa Breazeale
Dog Adoption Coordinator/Team Leader

Summer Webb
Volunteer Coordinator

Susan McCullah
Grant Writer

Deb Baur
Senior Team Member

Al Sosa
Dog Behavior Specialist

Autum Childres
Senior Team Member

Ellery Nief
Senior Team Member

Board Members

Jennifer Eanes

Annette Dekanich

Lisa Breazeale



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