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Your new favorite fundraiser is here – it’s Poorly Drawn Pets! ?
We’ll draw your pet if you donate $25 to the animals at MAARC. But the thing is, we are a lot better at rescuing animals than drawing them! We have some examples of our masterpieces below.
We have volunteers on standby eager to turn your pet into a work of art. You *might* get lucky and get a good laugh, or you might get that perfect frame-worthy artwork you have been looking for. We rely on donations to make our work possible, but it doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun while we raise those funds!
1. Donate $25 (per animal) on our website www.maarcadopt.org/poorlydrawnpets or through Venmo @maarcadopt.
2. Once you’ve donated, comment on the facebook thread below with the photo of your pet and a screenshot of your donation confirmation.
3. Our team will get to work and reply with a picture of your homemade masterpiece as soon as possible.
There’s no limit to how many drawings you can purchase; the more donations we receive, the more we can support animals in our community!
Shoutout to BARCS Animal Shelter and the Wisconsin Humane Society for their inspiration for fundraising for countless shelter animals! ❤

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